Monday, 24 March 2014

BMX Powdercoat Pricing Announced

Standard Matt, Gloss or Satin Finishes
BMX frame£55.00
BMX Forks£25.00
BMX Bars£25.00
BMX Cranks£20.00
20" Rim£20.00
20" Rims Pair (2)£35.00
20" BMX Frame/fork/bars£100.00Save £5
Metallic Finishes
BMX frame£60.00
BMX Forks£30.00
BMX Bars£30.00
BMX Cranks£25.00
20" Rim£25.00
20" Rims Pair (2)£40.00
20" BMX Frame/fork/bars£110.00Save £10
Hammered Finishes
BMX frame£65.00
BMX Forks£35.00
BMX Bars£35.00
BMX Cranks£30.00
20" Rim£30.00
20" Rims Pair (2)£50.00
20" BMX Frame/fork/bars£125.00Save £10
Candy Finishes (over chrome or raw)
BMX frame£75.00
BMX Forks£45.00
BMX Bars£45.00
BMX Cranks£40.00
20" Rim£35.00
20" Rims Pair (2)£60.00
20" BMX Frame/fork/bars£150.00Save £15
Blasting (per job)**£12.00
* Price INCLUDES collection AND delivery from UK mainland excluding 
Scottish Highlands

* Prices INCLUDES delivery only to Northern Ireland, Scottish Highlands 
and Channel Islands (customer has to send item to us).

** Price is per job whether that is 1 frame or frame, fork or bars up to a
maximum of 6 items but only including 1 frame.

Channel Islands get VAT deducted at Checkout.

Please see full Terms & Conditions.

RedLine Proline

In late 1980 we chose RedLine Proline frames for our Alans Team bikes. Alan Woods, Dave Arnold, Mike Chilvers and Mark Scully built these white framests up into bikes. They were raced at the indoor race at Belle Vue, Worlably outdoor and Glasgow bike show indoor. Out of these 4 only Mark Scully kept his all this time but it was involved in garage fire in 2013, but Mark true to his word brought the bike back over to Wigan and we are now working on restoring it.

The bike as we got in December 2013.

The frame and fork, despite the "smoke" finish was in very good condition and wasn't thrashed at all. The seat post and stem were stuck in so we used John Lee's services to remove these for us. 

Next we had the frame and for blasted prior to painting. Special care was taken to preserve the frame number, crispness of the welds, etc.

Looking better, eh?

Fork steerer taped to keep threads clean.

Mike Chilvers on one of our Team Alans RedLine Proline's. Late 1980.

 Next up the fork lower end caps need re-chroming. The decals need installing. If you look at the goto above the frames actually had 1980 frame stickers and 1981 forks stickers. We have a full range genuine RedLine restoration decals in stock.

Candy Blue

We just did these Candy Blue Hutch Pro Racer frame & fork sets. They are chrome originally - and brand new - so the chrome really shines through the translucent paint and look AMAZING. At the same time we had a handful of Tioga spiders and Hutch Aerospeed discs done in Candy Blue. These products are available for sale now at - frames are just waiting from the stickers from the US. We can do this finish on your parts, ideally over chrome but can be done over raw as well. Right now we can offer Candy Red and Candy Blue with Candy Gold, Green and Purple or follow soon.

Powdercoating Service Details

Finally after literally years of looking we are proud to announce a service we are not just happy with but over the moon with. The fact of the matter is that as BMX frames haven’t changed much in the last couple of years a lot of riders have perfect usable frames that might just look a but beat up from hard use. Our service provides an alternative to spending £500 on a new frame, fork and bars when there might be wrong with what you have apart from the cosmetics. Our aim to to provide an easy hassle-free service with excellent results.


Select your colour, add your item to basket. Please note colours may vary from monitor to monitor we have used the recommended RBG colours for each colour that best represents RAL colour codes. You can order each part a different colour if you wish, just add all to basket. There are over 220 colours available including special Metallics, Hammered and Candy finishes which will all be listed in due course. If you have a special colour or finish that you want that isn't listed please call or email us. Make sure you give us a contact phone number. We will contact you ASAP regarding collection (this can be done at place of work if easier). Please print off the label shown below in selection of Images and add your Name, address and Order Number so we know what is coming in and can track your order. We aim for a 10 day turnaround from receiving your items to despatching them.

We currently have prices for BMX parts: Frames, forks, bars, cranks & rims. Please ask for pricing for other items (mountain bike frames, etc).

For Standard colours our default finish is Gloss. Standard colours are available in Gloss, Satin or Matt finishes - please put a note in COMMENTS at checkout which you would like. The default is Gloss, so if we don’t get or note and you don’t let us know we’ll assume it is Gloss and that is what you will get.

This is a translucent colour that allows the surface of the item to show through. The effect work best on chrome frames (see Hutch Pro Racer frame in Candy Red or Blue for an example) or raw. Ideally this works best on a brand new frame otherwise further preparation is required thus adding cost - please contact us first to discuss. The darker the base is the darker the finished result will be.


You need to add Carriage to your basket in the product page. You only need to add ONE carriage for as many items as you can fit into the one box (see size below). If you want to order any other parts at the same time, perhaps a new bottom bracket, just add these to your order and we'll send them all together.

£20.00 Carriage Price INCLUDES collection AND delivery from UK mainland excluding Scottish Highlands.

£20.00 Carriage Price INCLUDES delivery only to (customer has to send item to us): The Highlands and Islands of Scotland postcodes IV, HS, KA27-28, KW, PA20-49, PA60-78, PH17-26, PH30-44, PH49-50, ZE, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and Isles of Scilly - postcodes BT, IM, TR21-25. Please check out your order before sending so we know what item we are receiving.


Your local bike shop usually has bike boxes that they will give you for free. Carriage is based on one BMX frame or standard 20" wheel bike box with dimensions no larger than 116cm x 57cm x 19cm and a maximum weight of 14kg in total.

 PLEASE NOTE it is YOUR responsibility to pack your parts to avoid damage in transit use bubble wrap and polystyrene foam around vulnerable areas like head tube and dropouts. If you have more than one items make sure nothing is rattling about. Ourselves and the courier are not responsible for any damage caused in transit due to inadequate packaging. Please print off the label shown on the product page and add your Name, address and Order Number so we know what is coming in and can track your order. 


Blasting is £12.00 if required (1 or all 4 items). Note: may add 4 days to service. Blasting Price is per job whether that is 1 frame or frame, fork or bars up to a maximum of 6 items but only including 1 frame. How do I know if I need this? If your parts are new or in very good condition we can powder coat directly over it without stripping the existing paint. If chipped or damaged we recommend adding the blasting for a better finish.


If your items with a value of more than £200 additional insurance is required so for this please add the “Priority” delivery option for insurance of up to £500. For items of larger value please call us on 01942 826598. Carriage is based on one BMX frame or standard 20" wheel bike box with dimensions no larger than 116cm x 57cm x 19cm and a maximum weight of 14kg in total.


Channel Islands get VAT deducted at Checkout as usual.

In due course we will be able to offer welding and other repair services.

We can carefully apply stickers that we stock. If you have stickers already we can apply these or if you need them making please let us know and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Local to us? You can drop your parts off in store no problem: Alans (Wigan) Ltd, 47-51 Wallgate, Wigan, WN1 1BE. We have painted samples and swatch book in store for you to look at.

Call us on 01942 826598.

Alans Custom is a division of Alans (Wigan) Ltd.

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